Asset Selection

During our 60+ years of combined experience, we have analyzed a wide assortment of properties through multiple economic cycles. Our experience has taught us that real estate ownership succeeds when the primary focus is on risk minimization. As a result, we design risk minimization strategies into each ownership opportunity through our twin goals:

  • maximize property occupancy
  • maintain sufficient partnership liquidity to withstand unanticipated downturns 

In real estate, staying power sometimes transforms average investments into outstanding investments.

Real estate is not a short-term investment. While current real estate returns are typically competitive with alternative investments (in the current economic environment they appear superior to alternative investments), it is the future years that provide the opportunities for out-sized returns. As a result, we invest in properties that have long-lasting value. In order to secure this value for the investor, we recognize the need to acquire/develop well-built complexes that provide value to the community and to the tenant.