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Heritage Hill Capital Partners (HHCP) was founded in 2006 to create investor-focused real estate partnerships to acquire quality real estate assets that have historically been beyond reach of traditional investors.  Our goal is to offer above average risk-adjusted returns on real estate investments structured to put our investor partners' interests ahead of our own and provide a platform to communicate with them in a meaningful and frequent manner.

At HHCP, putting our investor partners first has been one of the keys to our success.  It starts with our investor-focused structure that aligns our mutual interests.  The transparent communications with our investor's partners every quarter provide project updates, financials, and photographs of projects under construction.  We continue to place the investor first through our preferred returns that provide significant minimum dividends before additional profits are shared with us as the sponsor. We acquire under-valued investments at substantial discounts to replacement cost and employ a vertically integrated, investor-focused approach to asset value enhancement which aligns our investor partners' interests with our own to deliver above average risk-adjusted returns.

There is no substitute for experience.  The principals at HHCP have been through multiple real estate cycles during their combined 60 years of experience and have encountered other challenging real estate environments like the current one.

All commercial real estate investments are not created equal.  HHCP is vertically integrated and maintains the utmost control over the investment outcome utilizing our own property management and construction companies.